CSA Exec

The DePauw Catholic Student Association (CSA for short!) is a student-run organization within Tiger Catholic, working alongside St. Paul The Apostle Church. We provide opportunities for students at DePauw to draw closer to Christ and His Church by serving in our community, fostering authentic friendships, and encountering God through the Sacraments and prayer in order to live out and share our Catholic faith.

CSA Exec 2016-2017: (left to right) Abigail Martin, Mary Ann Etling, Andrew Fallon, Dylan Prentice (standing), Amanda Weber, Nichole Dyer (seated), Rachel May (abroad in Spain!)

If you are interested in joining CSA Exec or just getting our email updates, email CSA@depauw.edu and let us know! Get to know the 2017-2018 CSA Exec team below:

President, Abigail Martin (senior)

Email: abigailmartin_2018@depauw.edu


Abigail hails from Fort Thomas, Kentucky just across the river from Cincinnati, Ohio. She is a member of the Delta Gamma sorority, Restorative Justice, and an Intern for the 21st Century Musician Initiative in the School of Music. Abigail is crazy talented — pursuing a 5-year dual degree to earn a Bachelor of Arts in Conflict Studies and a Bachelor of Music in Vocal Performance. For the past two years, she has passionately planned retreats and is thrilled for Sarah to shine this fall as our next Retreat Coordinator. She also leads praise and worship music at Eucharistic Adoration, which is one of her favorite Tiger Catholic events. She has all kinds of love for “the Little Way” and St. Therese of Lisieux – not only her confirmation saint, but also her best friend’s who became Catholic last spring at St. Paul’s! Abigail is really excited to lead CSA this year and to coordinate events with our wonderful campus ministry team, St. Paul’s parish, and FOCUS missionaries — all for her friends and classmates at DePauw. We are so grateful for your faithfulness, Abigail.

Treasurer, Andrew Fallon (junior)

Email: andrewfallon_2019@depauw.edu


Andrew is from Lowell, Indiana, but you will most likely find him at Lilly as a member of the DePauw football team. Andrew is always on the move; he loves hiking, especially in the DePauw nature park. He enjoys being involved with Tiger Catholic, because the Catholic faith is so loving and he is passionate about spreading this faith to others. While Andrew is enthusiastic about managing the CSA budget, he is a triple threat — playing two instruments (both the guitar and the trumpet!) and he can juggle. His confirmation saint is Saint Michael the Archangel, because “who doesn’t like a sword-wielding saint who brought down Satan?” But really, Andrew admires Saint Michael for his leadership qualities and aspires to imitate those same qualities in his life. We are so grateful for your leadership, Andrew.

Retreat Team Coordinator, Sarah Hennessy (sophomore)

Email: sarahhennessy_2020@depauw.edu


All the way from Latrobe, Pennsylvania, we are mega-excited to have Sarah to create, plan, and organize two amazing retreats with a team this year. After becoming a member of Delta Gamma, singing in the choir, and auditioning for a musical (she’ll perform THIS fall!) all in her first-year at DePauw, she was eager to join CSA Exec because she loves the traditions of the Catholic faith and Tiger Catholic has become a family to her. You can find her at the GCPA most days as a music student, but her favorite Greencastle hot spots are the nature park, Dairy Castle, Starbucks, and the front lawn of DG. She’s a huge fan of Saint Joan of Arc, a young woman that God called to lead an army at the age of 16 before women had any positions of authority. If you are lucky enough to run into this gal on campus, ask her to do the wave with her stomach. We are so grateful for your enthusiasm, Sarah.

Assistant Retreat Coordinator, Nicole Pasho (junior)

Email: nicolepasho_2019@depauw.edu


Originally from the town of Smithville, Ohio (an hour south of Cleaveland!), Nicole is the first-ever Assistant Retreat Coordinator of CSA (our brand-new position) to ensure that our girl Sarah doesn’t lose her mind in the retreat-planning process. You might know her from the Environmental Fellows Program, the Sustainability Leadership Program, University Band, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Outdoors club, or College Democrats – Nicole truly does it all. One of her favorite parts about being Catholic is that it forms a community that encompasses the entire globe, and no matter how different each language or culture is, Catholics are still united together under the same beliefs. Whether you catch her in Kappa’s study room or at Starbucks, be sure to say hi to Nicole! We are so grateful for your serving-heart, Nicole.

DSG Representative, Edwin Rocha (sophomore)

Email: edwinrocha_2020@depauw.edu


Coming from the Windy City (Chicago, Illinois), Edwin is passionate about the mission of CSA because he desires to bring the Latino perspective to Tiger Catholic. He is involved in Committee for Latino Concerns and Soccer Club, but you will most likely run into Edwin at his study spot in Julian. Fun fact: he has traveled all over the world — but when he is in Greencastle, he likes to play video games, play soccer, and work out in Lilly. Out of all the Tiger Catholic events, Edwin says his favorite is the dinners served after the Student Mass at 5 pm on Saturday evenings and wants everyone to know you are welcome to join for free food! He deeply admires Saint Rafael, his confirmation saint who is an archangel that healed the blind (no big deal or anything.) We are so grateful for your passion, Edwin.

Service & Events Coordinator, Mitchael Evans (sophomore)

Email: mitchaelevans_2020@depauw.edu


Hailing from Edwardsburg, Michigan, Mitchael is our Service and Events Coordinator. He works closely with FOCUS, brings service opportunities to campus from within the community, and brings global, national, and regional opportunities within the Church to DePauw’s campus. You may know him hanging around the Hapkido, Brazillian Jiu Jitsu, Soccer, Astronomy, Outdoors, Rock Climbing, and DePauw First clubs. Fun fact: he is huge Pokémon Go fan and you are highly likely to see him walking the streets of Greencastle catching Pokémon (GO TEAM VALOR!) One of his favorite days in the Catholic Church is Ash Wednesday because that’s the day St. Paul’s gets the biggest crowds. We are so grateful for your spirit, Mitchael!

Outreach & Ministries Coordinator, Rachel May (senior)

Email: rachelmay_2018@depauw.edu or CSA@depauw.edu

Salamanca 025.JPG

Our girl Rachel is back from Spain (ask her about her dreamy abroad experience last spring!), but originally she is from Washington, IN. Rachel updates all of Tiger Catholic through the CSA email account + organizes a weekly on-campus rosary and coordinates training for ministries with Mary Ann. She joined CSA exec to be more involved with her church and to grow closer with “faith friends!” She says, “There’s no better company through life’s daily struggles than a friend who understands your relationship with Jesus.” At and around DePauw, she also gives her heart to the Honors Scholar Program, Alpha Chi Omega Sorority, the Writing Center, and as a babysitter for the sweet little boys of one of our FOCUS missionaries. Rachel loves being Catholic because of the Church’s commitment to seeking the Truth. Listen to these beautiful words — she explained, “The Catholic Church doesn’t promise me comfort or success in this life (and it doesn’t change its teachings to make me happy), but it does teach me how to seek a new life better than anything this earth can give.” Her confirmation saint is Saint Mother Teresa of Calcutta, who she picked before she even became a saint because of the strength of her faith and works in the presence of such smallness and humility. We are so grateful for your joyfulness, Rachel!

Outreach & Ministries Coordinator, Mary Ann Etling (senior)

Email: maryetling_2018@depauw.edu


Hey, that’s me! I’m from Terre Haute, Indiana and I get to dabble in social media to promote some pretty cool events, recruit my Tiger Catholic peers to serve at Mass, and work with Rachel to set up a weekly rosary. I basically alternate living in Roy and Julian for the study life, but I also serve as a member of Alpha Chi Omega, Science Research Fellows, and Social Promise. My greatest joy – and the reason I love serving on CSA Exec – is working alongside these amazing people above to plan opportunities for students at DePauw to potentially encounter Christ. Why? Because His love has completely changed my life! If you want to see me excited, just ask me about Saint Mother Teresa of Calcutta (my confirmation saint!) and I’ll gush about her love for the poor and how she followed Christ even when she couldn’t feel Him for 50 years of her life! My favorite Tiger Catholic events aren’t really events, but conversations over coffee or lunch getting to know someone better. We are so grateful for YOU – for visiting our brand-new website, for getting to know what Tiger Catholic is all about, and for simply your presence on this campus. Just know, you are welcome here.